VMN media

PublishOne grows along with VMN media

VMN media is one of the largest B2B publishers in the Netherlands. They focus on spreading expert information in various fields of business. Like most publishers, VMN media became big with printed media. 

The amount of subscription-based titles in portfolios has been declining for years, which forces publishers to offer content in other forms as well. VMN media trusts PublishOne to accomplish this.

From print to digital
Five years ago, VMN media searched for a content management system from which they could create content for both print and online. To this end they wanted a single system that could both create and manage content. With their sights set on the future, this solution had to be easily scaleable to avoid growing pains; this is one of the main strengths of PublishOne. The shrinking market for print media has led to fierce competition between publishers. VMN media has fortified their own position in the market by acquiring other publishers’ portfolios, and has grown tremendously in a short time. PublishOne can go along with this development without issues.

New earning models
The collaboration between PublishOne and VMN media goes back to when VMN media was a smaller company, while it is one of the largest B2B publishers in the Netherlands now. During this growing phase VMN media has continually added new titles to PublishOne. These titles now profit from additional options with regards to multimedia and online content. Adding metadata to ease finding relevant content is also easy with PublishOne. Publishing online has opened the door to new earning models other than the classical subscription models and selling separate issues.

The result
Because authors can see their changes right away in the final proof with PublishOne, fewer corrections are needed. This results in a huge gain in time. Sandra: “Authors and editors can manage their own content. PublishOne can be used to easily enrich this content with links and metadata. We are ready to keep growing now that we can add new titles to our current content management system, powered by PublishOne.”