How VAPRO Manages A Portfolio

Of Workplace Training Materials in PublishOne

VAPRO has supported manufacturing and process companies with training and education since 1956. Their services are centered around people in the workplace, empowering business success through well-qualified and motivated employees. The PublishOne platform enables VAPRO to create, manage, and publish training content in multiple formats, across a range of training courses.

Managing multichannel

From training courses to exams, VAPRO is a knowledge-based organization distributing and updating huge volumes of information and educational content. The training materials they provide constantly change in response to new technology, new guidance, and new legislation.

This is further complicated because VAPRO’s clients – companies in the industrial sector – require customized versions of standardized training materials in a range of formats. On top of that, VAPRO has to support customers that use paper-based training materials as well as those requiring digital resources.

Staying on top of multiple versions and ever-changing content types is no easy task. Updating this content wherever it appears is a challenge that requires a streamlined publishing solution: update once, and publish everywhere.

What the company needed was a future-proof platform for managing content across a range of channels. That’s why VAPRO opted for a PublishOne solution. In fact, VAPRO was one of the very first PublishOne clients.

Delivering training content

PublishOne’s relationship with VAPRO began with a library of training and education materials for their consultants to use with clients. Later on, it evolved to delivering content in PDF format as well.

Today, PublishOne supports VAPRO’s content management and delivery through two Learning Management Systems (LMS): Educourse and VAPRO Learning Platform. They are two LMS’s with the same purpose: to distribute e-learning content to participants that need it for their studies.

The great thing about PublishOne is that it enables VAPRO to create and edit educational content in one place, and then update every channel with the latest version. This capability is particularly useful in the training and education sector, where materials need to be revised regularly and can be published to a dozen courses within the same LMS or different LMS systems. Here are some of the other key advantages of managing e-learning content in PublishOne:

  • External authors can use Word to create content
  • Authors can focus on creating content, not designing it
  • Content is given visual consistency when published to an LMS
  • No additional visual design is necessary
  • Content can be easily configured for different purposes
  • It can be interactive with questions and answers
  • Learners can use it to self-assess their progress

For VAPRO, who tailor corporate training programs for different clients using standardized content, PublishOne enables them to have brand consistency across training materials so they have an authoritative and trustworthy look and feel.

Trainees in 2024 expect more

Today’s learners expect more from training course providers. Paper-based learning materials and presentation slides on their own aren’t enough. We live in a world where interactive content and e-learning are no longer a ‘nice to have’ – they’re an expectation.

That’s where the versatility and friendliness of PublishOne comes into its own. Take VAPRO, for example. The company can repurpose existing content and resources for new channels – smoothing the transition from paper to digital and providing both a future-proof publishing platform and compatibility with legacy learning methods.

Having PublishOne as a centralized repository for all their training content saves both time and effort – especially when it comes to making updates or changes to training materials. For VAPRO, this also means they can reuse standardized content in training materials, tailoring it to meet the needs of different clients.

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