PublishOne and WebEdu tackle the change to online learning

WebEdu specialises in educational learning materials. Their focus is on offering online course material through their own platform EduCourse. More and more educational institutes want to make their course materials available online and enrich content with video. WebEdu wants to join in these developments and was looking for a good way to publish course material to EduCourse. They found this in PublishOne

While developing EduCourse, WebEdu was introduced to PublishOne through a mutual partner. Clarity came instantly for WebEdu: PublishOne is the professional author environment that covers all our wants. PublishOne is the import module that allows customers to structure and enrich their content to make it ready for publishing to EduCourse. With the help of PublishOne, WebEdu has accelerated the online launch of EduCourse, so educational institutes can profit from it right away.

The fastest route from author to student
WebEdu uses PublishOne as an author environment to get content from author to student as efficiently as possible. The fact that PublishOne uses Word makes it ideal to use for authors. Enriching online course material with assignments, questions and various multimedia is just as user friendly in PublishOne. PublishOne makes it possible to create content, making online learning in EduCourse personal.

Professional educators are switching to a type of blended learning and EduCourse facilitates this transition. Because content can be published both to paper and to EduCourse, WebEdu now offers a unique proposition. Both students and teachers are enthusiastic.