Publish online and offline with the press of a single button

PublishOne helps you with publishing faster any way you want. XML-first, paper-first and crossmedia-first. Whether you publish on your own website, share knowledge through intranet or publish novels for e readers, PublishOne simplifies the step from authorised content to publication to the single press of a button. We save content as neutrally as possible so you can use it for anything.

The same content in any appearance
Choose a solution that unifies paper and digital and gives you the freedom to choose the publishing method that suits you best. With PublishOne, you can make content publish-ready by hand or fully automatic and publish that content digitally simultaneously. Without extra steps or double work, you can count how much time you save compared to your current way of working.

Publish universally
PublishOne is made to let you get the most out of your content. Simply choose your desired output format, which is generated from a central source file: XML, InDesign, cPDF, ePub, Word or another external channel. XML-first solutions work perfectly for publishing online, but are not accurate enough for print. Solutions that prepare content for print are rigid and don’t account for fast online publishing. Request a demo with PublishOne and discover how real universal publishing works.