A better overview, more control and faster switching.

PublishOne streamlines the whole process, from first draft to publication. You can fully configure the management function, so all tasks, roles and responsibilities are perfectly tuned. Everyone knows what they have to do and can see the current status of each document. Imagine this: no more issues with file versions, double work or unnecessary waiting on each other. That alone is enough reason to request a demo with PublishOne today.

Complete insight and overview
Everyone involved can view the status of relevant documents in a cockpit overview. From the phase in which a book is now, to the editing status of a single paragraph, PublishOne creates oversight on every level. By tuning the workflow precisely to the way your organisation likes to work, all tasks are divided optimally. Everyone can access the system through the cloud, all rights are defined at the personal level.

Get to work fast
You can quickly get started with PublishOne. An implementation track is completely unnecessary. A simple training is enough to get started, after which you can adjust the system all by yourself. Our advisors are of course always available when needed.

Control the metadata
Adding and managing metadata is very easy in PublishOne. Metadata is nothing other than data on the data: information that describes and classifies what a document is about. By adding metadata in a strategic way in PublishOne, you can enhance the possibilities of your content, for instance with regards to search engine optimisation and applicability.

Closely track documents
An ideal function in PublishOne is the audit trail that you can use to closely track documents. You can see the exact road a document has travelled and who made a change and when.

You decide which data to allow
You can easily configure the import- and export module. This gives you full control over which data enter and exit the system. PublishOne gives you full control.