Sdu Uitgevers

Sdu creates a powerful unity with PublishOne

Sdu is one of the largest legal publishers in the Netherlands. They deliver content to the government, as well as lawyers, notaries, fiscal experts and other specialists. Sdu wants to further strengthen their position and chooses PublishOne to help them realise their plans to increase efficiency and further digitalise. By offering a uniform and user friendly author environment, Sdu wants to give their authors more support to allow them to publish current and valuable professional information as fast as possible.

As with most other publishing companies, Sdu is currently focussing on digitising content. Not only is presenting content quickly and keeping it up to date important, the presentation of the content should also be optimal for the working processes of legal professionals. To make the switch from print to digital, Sdu wanted a tool that is usable by authors and allows them to enrich content with, for instance, metadata and links. This way, customers have access to valuable content that is easily findable and searchable. After thorough market research, Sdu found PublishOne.

Towards a single uniform author environment
Sdu emphasises creating uniformity across the various author environments they are currently using. PublishOne offers an author environment based on Microsoft Word. This is familiar to authors and facilitates an easy switch to get as many authors as possible working in the same environment. At first, one of PublishOne’s specialists is present at Sdu to help work on the implementation of PublishOne. This way, an optimal knowledge transfer from PublishOne to Sdu is created and Sdu has full control over PublishOne’s configuration for their authors.

Now that Sdu is using PublishOne, time to market has shortened significantly. Just like all of PublishOne’s other customers, Sdu has a spot on the software advisory council. There they can voice their wishes for PublishOne. With advice from this council, PublishOne is now going through a strong development.