Integration Framework; flexibility is the standard

Your organisation handles content in a unique way, PublishOne connects to this easily. We use proven technologies to offer you a fully flexible solution. From a solid basis PublishOne can be changed according to your working processes. This way, you can profit from the possibilities custom programs offer, without the development time and costs.

Custom application of proven technology
We believe in proven technology and continually invest in an architecture that is fully customisable. You can design templates for PublishOne in InDesign, speeding up the whole layout process. PublishOne is fully XML-based and meets all standards.

Direct connection
PublishOne can be seamlessly integrated in your current working process and software. All APIs needed for a connection with web editors, image databases and content enrichment systems are present. Almost any common connection has been made many times. And if not, our developers will work on making your requested interface real.

Large files with all ease
Edit and process large files with ease in PublishOne. Creating and editing a complete chapter or even a book in one go is no problem at all. Even if it contains images and video files, PublishOne is a joy to work with.

Leveraging the ecosystem
PublishOne is not used in isolation. It is part of an application and services landscape that support you in your success. PublishOne needs to work together with all your solutions and integrating them should be straightforward. Our integration framework seeks to deliver just that. All functions have a corresponding systems interface (API) and our events based architecture allows the integration to be direct.

What we describe as our ecosystem is a myriad of third-party technology and partners of which we know they work well with PublishOne. For technology this means that our Integration Framework is effective in creating process than span across these applications. For partners it means that they have the expertise to introduce PublishOne successfully.

At PublishOne, we believe in the power of seamless integration within your technology landscape.

That’s why we’re excited to share some of those integrations. Every last Friday of the month, a new integration will air.