How Qonqord Transformed

Medical Publisher Prelum With A PublishOne Solution

Consultants at QonQord – a PublishOne implementation partner – help organizations that publish in high volumes to find more effective and streamlined solutions for orchestrating content and workflows. 

One of those brands is Prelum – a rapidly expanding publisher of information and training content for medical professionals. Here’s the story of how a PublishOne solution, implemented by QonQord, helped Prelum to solve their logistical challenges.

A scaling medical publishing house 

Prelum began in 2004 with three further training publications for medical professionals. Today, they manage over 25 publications as well as e-learning, webinars, knowledge platforms, podcasts, and events. 

The company’s content facilitates ongoing professional development for medical practitioners. Audiences include doctors, dentists, and other medical specialists. It’s a constantly-evolving sector where content must reflect the latest insights and research. As a professional knowledge partner, Prelum has to keep up to date with the latest innovations. 

Prelum’s authors are generally external freelancers using Microsoft Word. Many of these external authors are medical professionals – but not necessarily professional authors. They are busy healthcare professionals with limited time to write. This means content often needs further editing to get it publication-ready.

With a growing number of publications on Prelum’s list, it was becoming increasingly challenging to manage multiple systems, authors, designers, approvals, and deadlines. It was clear that Prelum needed a single publishing platform with the potential to streamline their operations.

The company had already opted for a PublishOne solution when Qonqord came on board as an implementation partner. 

A strong and reliable implementation partner

Qonqord implemented PublishOne right across Prelum, beginning with two publications and growing from there. They also completed a number of follow projects, one of which explored the potential of integrating PublishOne with a Learning Management System (LMS)

Qonqord also helped Prelum set up their first template inside PublishOne to enable faster formatting of written content into a consistent publication layout.

A single publishing platform for everyone

Prior to the implementation of PublishOne, Prelum was facing a growing logistical challenge. Workflows were reliant on email and Word docs. This made editorial processes slow and created problems with different versions flying back and forth between writers and editors. 

As the number of publications grew, so did the volumes of documents flowing in and out of the organization. This model was becoming unsustainable. PublishOne was a great fit for Prelum for three main reasons: 

  1. Virtually all their authors work in Word. Thanks to a seamless integration, those authors can continue working in Word from inside (and outside) the PublishOne environment with little or no training required. 
  2. As a secure cloud platform built on Microsoft Azure, PublishOne gives Prelum a single repository with the scalability and flexibility to handle multiple users and projects at once. 
  3. It allows Prelum to apply visual templates to content to help streamline the design process and bring consistency to their publications.

After Qonqord successfully implemented PublishOne, Prelum was able to bring all its titles into one user-friendly platform and easily apply different templates to content for different publications. It’s worth noting that this was Qonqord’s first PublishOne implementation. Since then, they’ve delivered similar solutions in the education and legal publishing sectors.

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