Qonqord becomes a reseller for PublishOne in several European countries.

PublishOne is a Dutch content workflow and authoring solution that enables content publishing to digital and print based on XML. The PublishOne software is offered as an “all inclusive” monthly subscription and can be used with editors such MS Word or third-party XML Editors. PublishOne already serves clients such as Wolters Kluwer, Vakmedianet and Sdu Uitgevers.

Qonqord will offer PublishOne as a part of its existing product portfolio, amongst which products from WoodWing, Dataplan and Enfocus. Qonqord will focus its PublishOne activities on the industries of B2B and scientific publishing, in areas such as accountancy, fiscal, legal, medical and e-learning. Qonqord will also develop integrations for PublishOne.

“For us, PublisOne is the perfect solution for organizations that create business-oriented or scientific content. Authors can use Word, while PublishOne generates XML in the back-end. Importing XML flows is also easy to setup. These features are key to this type of industries”, says Hans Fermont, a director at Qonqord.

“Qonqord is one of the European leaders in the area of content production and publishing technology. They are aware of the challenges that B2B and scientific publishers have and they understand the power of the PublishOne product like no other”, according to Ellen van Beijsterveldt, Chief Operations Officer at PublishOne.