Addata becomes next generation editing company with PublishOne

Addata is an editing company that supports publishers during the full publishing process. Content is edited and structured. In addition, Addata takes care of the production for all final products, from books, magazines and loose-leaf publications, to online publications and ePubs.

Addata performs services for several publishers that use PublishOne. Within the organisation several key-users have been trained who know the heart of the system. Other users were trained in PublishOne through on-the-job training. The Word interface ensures users quickly become familiar with the basic functionalities; editing and publishing. To accommodate specific changes requested by customers Addata has developed a set of additional tools around PublishOne. So optimal efficiency can be reached. For instance, this can be used to easily migrate large amounts of data from various sources (XML, Word, pdf) to PublishOne.

While the choice for PublishOne was motivated by their customers, Addata is very pleased with the possibilities offered by the application and the additional service and support.

“The amount of steps in the production process is reduced and the production times are shorter. We are able to do more work in the same time. Publishers that are planning to deploy PublishOne will definitely realise significant savings.” A better compliment doesn’t exist.