What’s new in PublishOne

Release 6.3.2?

Thanks to the input of PublishOne clients at the Software Advisory Council, our friendly publishing platform continuously evolves with the changing needs of its users. Release 6.3.2 sees a host of major and minor enhancements – too many, in fact, to list here. So here’s our round-up of the most notable new features.

Get outside notifications inside PublishOne

Most publishers prefer a streamlined process, keeping authors inside a single system. When your world is PublishOne, it’s where you write, manage, and edit all your content. So bringing notifications into that space makes a lot of sense. Now, we’ve expanded our notifications service so that it seamlessly integrates with external systems as well.

What that means is that inside PublishOne, editors and authors can now get automated updates on the publication journey, including when and where content goes live in external content management systems (CMS). Depending on the external system, publishers can configure the notifications needed and send them directly to PublishOne.

UI/UX improvements

This release includes a number of subtle enhancements to the user interface and user experience. The frontend has been extended with new ‘stores’ that keep track of user navigation and the use of functions. This enables users to navigate to a document from a detailed project view, then return directly to the same unfolded folder view.

Alert email for failed login attempts

The safety of your data is front and center of what we do. Now, when an unauthorized user tries to log in via an authorized user’s account name, the authorized user will be notified by email after a certain number of failed attempts (5 by default). This is a recommended security practice.

Filter text box for publications

Powerful search functionality helps to streamline your day-to-day workflows. When you’re working with multiple documents, finding what you need when you need it is essential. For that reason, the publication’s view has now been extended with a filter text box. The text entered can be used to filter by the publication title, the folder name, and the username. Now you can find what you’re looking for in a snap.

Add new ‘at’ location

In prior releases, new folder items would default to the bottom. This time-saving new feature cuts down on the need for dragging and dropping. The ‘add new’ function has now been extended so that you can specify the ‘at’ location from one of three options:

  • At the top (of the folder)
  • After selection (if an item is selected)
  • At the bottom (the only option in prior releases).

Add longer comments

Sometimes when you hand over a document, you need to give more detailed comments to the next person in the workflow. That’s why in this release, when you make a submission to the next workflow step, you can add comments of up to 600 characters. The whole comment will be visible on the information tab and also on the history tab.

Total transparency and trust

Whether you’re interested in seeing upcoming releases or wanting to check on the progress of a specific enhancement, it’s easy to keep track.

If you’re an existing PublishOne user, you can view all our release notes and enhancements via the PublishOne Roadmap folder in your PublishOne log-in.

You’ll also find an interactive Software Advisory Council (SAC) report where you can check the status of every proposed enhancement, and their scheduled release.

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