The importance

of customer friendliness in publishing

There’s no denying that publishing is a competitive industry. With increased digitization of the sector, consumers expect more timely content delivered more frequently, with minimal room for error. Keeping pace requires constant innovation and agility, so it’s easy to see how publishing professionals sometimes neglect their working relationships.

That’s why, at PublishOne we believe in the value of friendliness. Whether that’s internally between members of our own team or externally with our customers, it’s important to us that staff and customers feel connected and valued. Our aim is simple: to be the most-friendly company to work with.

Customer friendliness and why it matters
The quality of being friendly is at the heart of what we do. It goes without saying that we expect our publishing platform to be intuitive and user-friendly, but for us, it runs much deeper to that. We work hard to ensure our staff feel at home, and that customers consider us friends.

Some software vendors will sell you a product and then walk away and onto the next customer. Rather than simply sell a solution, it’s important for us to add value for our customers by being friendly and supportive, so they can get the best out of our tool, and we can share in their success. This also means that we can maintain an ongoing dialogue, so we can continuously improve our service and meet our customers’ evolving needs.

Find customer friendliness at PublishOne
How do you know if you’re a friendly company? You’re friendly if your customers say you are! At PublishOne we work hard to ensure friendliness at every customer touchpoint. From the tone of our emails to our helpdesk and advisory councils.

If a customer needs our help, we provide that help. It’s something we expect from everyone in our organization. For all of our customers, any problem, any question, any service they need can be accessed through our helpdesk. Twice per day, we look at every single ticket and customer request notice, making sure we handle those tickets in a timely fashion, and leaving zero requests open. We call customers personally, interacting in a friendly way.

We investigate issues at our own cost, even if we later find the problem is on the customer’s end, we always help first and then report our findings. For us, it’s important to help customers navigate the complexities of their business by providing help and support, building relationships and trying to understand what their challenges are.

We equip our customers with the tools and information they need to use PublishOne effectively and get the best out of the software. In every customer communication, we value friendliness, especially when there’s a problem or something has gone wrong.

Customer friendliness in action
There are many examples where customer friendliness has made a difference to our customers. Here are some recent examples:

  • Team members, who were working in similar roles at the same legal publisher, in different departments, and facing the same challenges, had never spoken with each other until meeting at an event organized by PublishOne.
  • The author of an upcoming book on intellectual property (IP) law credited PublishOne with making his life easier.
  • Our advisory councils have brought together competitors within the same publishing sector to address common challenges and make their lives easier, both individually and collectively.
  • One attendee at our most recent advisory council was unable to get approval to take part in the event, so he booked time off and paid for the visit himself!

For us, going above and beyond is what separates our brand from the alternatives. We value customer friendliness in order to make lasting and meaningful customer relationships.

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