Publishing simplified for everyone

Anyone can write a book, but writing it is just the beginning. Many hopeful authors get stuck when faced with the publication process. The Brazilian company Bibliomundi brings authors without a publisher a platform they can use to publish their work digitally. For a while now Bibliomundi has been using Publishone to accomplish this.

Bibliomundi is more than a digital service, they explicitly want to guarantee the quality of everything published through their platform. Besides the quality of a book’s content, Bibliomundi’s publications have to have a consistent and professional look to them, and be published in the most widely used file types. So the author is mostly responsible for the content, but according to Bibliomundi’s standard of quality.

PublishOne is the perfect solution to publish quickly and easily, completely according to the standards Bibliomundi has set for their e-books. The large distances in Brazil are no problem, since authors can use a web editor that is accessible through the cloud for anyone, anywhere. Authors just need a computer that can connect to the internet. Users don’t need to travel for any training either, Bibliomundi has made their own online tutorials that guides authors through PublishOne. Bibliomundi also uses PublishOne’s conversion tools. Authors can focus on their writing, while Bibliomundi has a strong grip behind the scenes.

The results
Bibliomundi uses PublishOne to further conquer the Brazilian market. Using PublishOne they can offer writers a user-friendly platform that generates fast and high-quality results. A professional e-book is now within reach of every Brazilian author, thanks to PublishOne.